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I've got some important questions to ask you. Think carefully as you answer these as they could change your life...
> Are you stuck in the past, telling people how you USED to be strong, USED to be fast, USED to be an athlete, and wish you could bring that back into your life?

> Have you given up hope that you can get back the figure you once had and the feelings of control over your food?

>Are you sick of yo-yo dieting, taking supplements, doing cleanses, detoxes and fad diets and wishing there was an easier way that actually worked?

> Do you fear that you will never be the role model that your children can look up to? You know, the woman who never settles for less than she deserves and takes care of herself...

Say goodbye to self doubt.

My name is Michelle and I am an elite personal trainer, performance coach, and mamma who has also struggled with her weight.

At my heaviest, I weighed 200lb, and at my lightest and unhealthiest, 123lb. Now, I sit comfortably at 151lbs at 5'9".

I know how it feels to be stuck,  wishing every day that you could change.

I know how it feels to be ashamed of the way you've let yourself go, and I've also been sucked into the quick fixes.

I've been working with mammas and athletes for 16 years, helping them transform their lives not just physically, but also helping them regain their confidence in their marriage, take back control of their eating habits, and realize that it is okay to take care of themselves.

They become the role model that they always dreamed of being for their children and a kick ass athlete once again.

I'm making it my mission to empower 1000 mammas in 2017 to reshape their lives, so if you are a mamma, this letter could be one of the most important letters you read in 2017.

ARE YOU....?
  • A Mamma Over 32 Years Of Age?
  • Wishing you could feel like an athlete again?
  • Looking to get rid of the mommy mid-section?
  • Looking to increase your energy and sex drive?
  • Wanting to be the best role model you can for your children?
  • Ready to show a confident you to the world?

If you're tired of the fitness industry lies and trainers and even friends coaxing you into parting with your money for quick fixes and want to save your money to buy something for your family, PLUS SOMETHING THAT WILL ACTUALLY GET YOU RESULTS,

then I am about to teach you how to do it.
You will not get any b.s. from me ladies.
Here's my promise to you:

1) No supplements/cleanses/juices/zodiac food requirements! EVER!

2) No starving yourself or using food avoidance tactics

3) No ridiculously difficult workouts designed by a 20 something trainer for 20 something women who've never walked our path as a mamma

4) No more than 2 hours of exercise PER WEEK! Say whaaaaaat??

5) No ridiculous "Let's manifest our happiness and fat loss with daily mantras while inviting the stars to bring us change." Ugh puh-lease

6) No Olympic Lifting or tire flipping AT ALL. We are going to unleash an athlete who will withstand the test of time and experience fewer injuries

7) No more peeing your pants as you jump, sneeze or cough (I like this one the best)

If you TAKE ACTION TODAY, you will find out how to make EASY, LASTING CHANGES to get a HEALTHIER, SLIMMER and STRONGER ATHLETIC BODY and MIND, that means you can do the things you want again with fewer restrictions.

You'll gain CONFIDENCE, higher ENERGY levels, and you'll learn how to TAKE BACK CONTROL of your choices and your future!

You can finally stop living in the past and become an upgraded version of the athlete you once were.
  • 24/7 access to the program so you can do it on YOUR time
  •  Weekly Group Coaching calls on Zoom
  •  Live Q&A's
  • 12 weeks of fat burning and muscle building plans at your fingertips (mobile or desktop)
  • Evidence-based nutritional guidance just for you, so that you can stop fearing food. No more binge eating or cravings!
  • My favorite simple recipes in your own cook book so you don’t have to guess what to make for dinner or wonder if it’s on the plan
  • Never weigh or measure your food again
  • Accountability & Support with a group of women who are up against the same struggles as you are and getting amazing results who are going to be there to cheer you on every step of the way
  • Video tutorials for exercise, Nutrition Education and Mindset Training that explain exactly what you should be doing
  • A mapped out program that walks you through the process step by step so you aren’t overwhelmed.
    Overcome any obstacle getting in your way. I walk you through the exact steps I use to breaking through barriers
  • The complete simple guide to getting lasting results without all the information overload for REAL, long term results.

1) Finally moving past the reasons you have been so stuck for so long

2) Integrating exercise that will help you strengthen the pelvic floor so that you no longer pee unless you are on the toilet

3) Performing workouts that will help you UNLEASH THE ATHLETE

4) Eating more and still losing weight

5) Creating new, positive habits that will set you up for a lifetime of success
This is not just a workout and nutrition guide.

We're a family of women who are all busy working moms, with kids in what seems like every activity under the sun, and who want to make lasting change without all of the quick fix crap that doesn't last.

We work on discovering why we are in our current position and learn ACTIONABLE strategies that help you get RESULTS.

We do all of this without a gym membership or fad dieting.

It's Time To Take Care Of You!
Sign up right now to start making progress TODAY.

Don't wait in the shadows any longer, mamma.

Now is YOUR TIME to take back control and UNLEASH THE ATHLETE from your past, bring her into the now and KEEP HER HERE!
I'm Ready to feel strong, sexy and confident again!
Don’t wait another day. Get started NOW!

Be proud of who you are and be proud of your healthier, fitter, ATHLETIC mamma body.

It’s only 12 weeks away from your next click.
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